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Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

The ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website Platform
ASSETVISTAS ℠ aggregates lucrative asset opportunities to investors in one hand while assuring fair pricing and disposal mechanism for sellers. Additionally, ASSETVISTAS ℠ allows greater visibility into nationwide availability of asset opportunities, allowing the buyers to negotiate better contract prices. ASSETVISTAS ℠ kindles the urge amongst buyers & sellers to use such novel, reliable yet an integrated and credible tool; for auctioning and disposal of wide variety of complex assets in a simplified fashion.
This Privacy Policy applies only to your relationship with ASSETVISTAS ℠ website. It does not apply to the interactions and sharing of information that you have with any other User / registered member of the website on any information that you may or may not have also submitted to the ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website platform. Or the subsequent dissemination of such information by such other User/ Registered User either within his organizational constitution which may be investor group/ another registered on this website both as seller and buyer etc. or outside to any other party. ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website has no control over this disclosure or sharing, and is not responsible for it. The protection of your personal data when you interact with a buyer/seller or users registered on the ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website platform is governed solely by any agreements that you may have with that user/ entity and is beyond the scope of this Privacy Policy. By applying and agreeing to the user terms for the ASSETVISTAS ℠ website you will be automatically governed by this Privacy Policy.
This Privacy Policy is a part of the Terms of Service for the ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website platform. The terms ‘ASSETVISTAS ℠ Platform’, ‘ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website Services’ and ‘ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website’ have the same meaning as set forth in the Terms of Service which includes Alma Business Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. and the parent company Alma Fund Associates Pvt. Ltd.
What is 'Personal data'?

“Personal data " is any data that (1) is recorded in any form, (2) is about or pertains to a specific individual and (3) can be linked to that individual. For example, your name, contact information, and the deals in which you have participated are “Personal data.”

Personal data does not include website data, aggregated data or uploaded documents.

What kind of personal data is collected?

We collect personal data at different stages of your use of the ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website site.

When you visit ASSETVISTAS ℠ website

If you visit www.assetvistas.com, whether or not you sign-in as a registered user, we collect your IP address, the location of your Internet Service Provider, the type and version of Internet browser that you are using, and the website from which you came. We also collect information regarding your site usage, such as the time spent on a page, or number of pages viewed.

When you set up an account

When you set up your account, you will be required to provide certain personal data including your name and email address. You may also be invited to provide optional Personal data, such as biography, photograph, postal address or phone number.

When you are in touch with the ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website platform

We also collect personal data that you provide when you interact with the ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website platform, for example, by sending a message or uploading documents, or when exchanging correspondence with us, such as through support emails.

When you use your account

Based on the information that you provide or create when you use your account:

If you want to buy any Asset,

Your information in your profile e.g. your organization, about yourself, such as your contact information, picture, biography, experience, or other groups to which you belong or relate to.

If you are a Seller,

The company that you represent and is seeking Buyers, then you may record information about yourself, your company, and its management team. You may also include a video recording or picture, images which could include images of verification documents etc.

If you are a Buyer,

The ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website Platform allows the user who may be registering on behalf of a Buyer, the ability to set certain parameter settings in the profile for receiving of asset opportunities. We use these parameters to match the respective asset opportunities for you.

In case you want to provide information about third party,

By providing the personal data of another individual, you represent that you have all necessary authority and/or have obtained all necessary consents from this individual to enable us to collect, use and disclose his or her personal data as set forth in this Privacy Policy.

How is Personal data collected?
We collect Personal data directly from you when you provide it through your use of the ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website platform, such as in emails or when you fill out forms that are displayed on our website.
Purpose of usage of personal data

ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website uses your personal data to maintain your account and to provide you with the facilities of the website incidental to the ASSETVISTAS ℠ Platform described above to Buyers for investor/ investor group and deal-flow management services that serve as the core of the ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website platform. We also use your personal data to respond to requests that you make of us, and to contact you and to provide you with information that we believe may be of interest to you.

We may also use your name and contact information to make queries against social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, to show you how you are linked or connected to other individuals who are also ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website users.

Sharing of personal data?
If you are a Buyer
If and when you seek to meet the seller of a particular Asset opportunity we share your personal contact details with the respective asset seller you show interest in.
With whom may we share personal data?

Under certain business or legal conditions, ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website may have to disclose your personal data to others as follows:

Service Providers

ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website may engage other companies and individuals to perform necessary business functions on behalf of ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website (e.g. outside contractors or service providers). If it is necessary to perform these functions, these persons may have access to personal data of our users. These service providers have agreed not to use the personal data for any other purpose other than providing the required services. We take that in these circumstances you also will have no objection to share the data.

Legally Required Disclosure

ASSETVISTAS ℠ website disclosure of your personal data may be required by law. ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website may disclose your personal data (1) if, in its own best judgment, it is required to do so in order to comply with a facially valid judicial or governmental notice, warrant, or other order, or (2) to a government institution that has asserted its lawful authority to obtain the information, or (3) in connection with the exercise or defense of its rights.

Change of Ownership

If ownership of ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website changes as a result of a merger, acquisition, or transfer to another company, you’re personal data may be transferred to the successor entity. If such transfer takes place, you will be notified of any material changes to the Privacy Policy and provided with the ability to opt-out of the transfer of your personal data to the third party.

How to access and change or delete
All registered users of the ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website can have access to the personal data that ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website holds about them and is listed in their profiles. They can correct, amend, or delete this data at their convenience and on their own time.
Can I have my personal data deleted?
You can delete any personal data that is recorded in the profile that you create for yourself as a Buyer or for your company, or as a seller (Institution or Individual).
Aggregated Data, and Its usage

This is a process in which information is gathered and expressed concise or detailed in a summary form for purposes such as statistical analysis, in order to obtain information about a particular group based on specific variables. Data used for aggregation purposes are collected in a form that removes all identifiers, and may be combined with other data for which all identifiers have also been removed. ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website may use data to generate accurate metrics about the early stage private equity industry.

Aggregated data may be packaged and licensed to third parties such as governments, economic development agencies, and financial institutions.

Display of successful deals:
We may use your information such as your logo or the names of parties concluding successful deals through the use of the ASSETVISTAS ℠ Portal, for online display to showcase the successful deals concluded on the website
Website Data and its usage?

Website data is aggregated data about the overall traffic to, and usage of our website. Examples include the number of visitors to the web site and the number of registered users of the ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website platform. ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website may extract and use website data for internal purposes, in order to analyze the performance of its website and applications. For example, we may use these data for traffic analysis and business decision making, in order to determine how we can improve our site or its functionalities.

The statistics generated in this manner contain no personal data and cannot be used to gather any information about individual visitors to the site.

Security measures are in place to protect personal data

ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website uses technical, physical and administrative procedures in order to safeguard and protect personal data from loss, authorized access, misuse, alteration, disclosure and destruction. However, while we do our best to implement reasonable security measures, we do not guarantee that our safeguards will always work.

ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website uses industry-standard technological means to protect your personal data while in transit through the Internet. However, please remember that no security system on the Internet is 'perfect'.

Uploaded Documents
Documents that are uploaded to the ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website platform for sharing are stored at a third-party data-storage service. All uploads and downloads are transmitted through the Internet between users and the data storage service using the same encryption techniques as those that are used with personal data. However, Uploaded Documents are neither stored redundantly, nor backed up. Therefore, it is advisable to keep back-up copies of their documents even if they are uploading to the website.
How to contact ASSETVISTAS ℠ website

ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website will communicate with you in response to your requests for service or customer support. We will contact you by phone or by email.

ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website will send you service-related emails if it becomes necessary to do so. ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website may also send you an email in order to notify you of new products, services or features, or updates to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, or other agreement that you have with ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website.

Links to other websites
ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website may provide links to other websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these sites. In order to safeguard your privacy, please review the privacy policies of any sites that you may visit before providing any personal data to these third party sites.
Limitation of Liability
ASSETVISTAS ℠ exercises reasonable efforts to safeguard the security and confidentiality of your personal data; however, transmissions protected by industry standard technology and administered by humans cannot be guaranteed to be secure. ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website will not be liable for unauthorized disclosure of personal data that occurs through no fault of ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website including, but not limited to, errors in transmission, access to your account by anyone who uses your user ID and password, your failure to comply with your security obligations, and the unauthorized acts of ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website employees.
Children below the age of 18
ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website does not provide products or services for individuals under the age of 18. We do not intentionally collect nor maintain information from users actually known to be under the age of 18, and we will not use that information if we learn that it has been provided by someone under 18.
If at any time ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website wishes to disclose, or use your personal data in a way, or for a purpose other than as described in this Privacy Policy, ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website will give you the opportunity to choose (opt out) whether your personal data (1) may be disclosed to a third party and (2) may be used for a purpose other than the purposes that are set forth in this Privacy Policy.
Changes to the Privacy Policy

From time to time, ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website may update this Privacy Policy in order to reflect changes in its practices. Whenever such changes are made, ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website will post an updated Privacy Policy on its website, and may email registered users.

All changes will apply to the personal data that are already collected, and to personal data that are collected after the effective date of the revised Privacy Policy.

If any proposed change is unacceptable to you, you will have the right to terminate your account.

If we decide to change this Privacy Policy in a material way, we will obtain the necessary consents required under applicable laws if we seek to collect, use or, disclose personal data for purposes other than those for which consent has been obtained, unless this change is otherwise required or permitted by law.


If you have any concerns or claims with respect to our Privacy Policy, please Contact Us as indicated in contacting the website. We will investigate and attempt to resolve any complaints and disputes regarding our use and disclosure of personal data.

Contacting ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website: ASSETVISTAS ℠ Website owns and operates the web site and the platform. Our mailing address is info@assetvistas.com . If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or believe that its terms have not been complied with, please email us.

Any dispute will be subject to the courts in Mumbai, India to the exclusion of all other courts.